Report – Vince McMahon to Be Directly Involved with NXT When it Moves to USA


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

As we’ve been reporting over the weekend here on eWn, WWE NXT appears to be moving to the USA Network and an announcement on the move is expected to be made tomorrow (Monday). The show is expected move to a two-hour format and be live each week on Wednesday nights, head-to-head with AEW.

Triple H recently told WWE NXT talent that “things are changing.” He said that he couldn’t tell them anything because they didn’t want word to get out, but to “watch TV on Monday.”

In addition to that, Triple H told the talent “I’ll see you on the 21st” of September. That is likely inaccurate since that is a Saturday. There is talk he may have meant the 25th and it was just a slip up, so that WWE can get the jump on AEW on TNT on Wednesday nights. Of course, moving NXT from the WWE Network to USA is a much stronger choice. The USA Network is also in many more homes than FOX Sports 1. The decision is not a matter of money but simply being in a stronger position to bring in numbers and top AEW, which is their main focus right now.

And for those wondering, Vince McMahon is expected to be directly involved with NXT once it moves to USA Network. There has also already been talk about bringing main roster talent to the NXT brand to provide more “star power” and increase ratings. That obviously has a lot of people rolling their eyes.

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