Road Dogg Says He Was Scared To Death Of Steve Blackman After Fight With JBL


‘Road Dogg’ Jesse James may have shared a locker room with the likes of The Undertaker and Kane, but it was Steve Blackman who scared the WWE Hall of Famer the most.

During a recent edition of his “Oh You Didn’t Know” podcast, James spoke about the fighting skills of Blackman and the infamous fight between Blackman and Bradshaw at an airport. He said,


“I was scared to death of him. I was present at the fight between him and Bradshaw, where it’s told so and so was knocked out cold and this was that. None of that happened, but it was a scary place to be and Bradshaw was not on the happy end of it.”

The fight in question took place at a Kansas City, MO airport and came after weeks of Bradshaw trying to provoke Blackman with his hazing.

James added that while the fight wasn’t as big as some have made it out to be, “it was dang sure a fight… it scared me.

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