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Rob Van Dam, Dutch Mantel & Others React to Dark Side of the Ring


The latest Dark Side of the Ring episode, the “WWE Plane Ride From Hell”, featured one of the most controversial incidents in the company’s history. It received some backlash, most notably targeted at Tommy Dreamer’s comments, and Impact Wrestling later suspending him over it. Also, Ric Flair’s ad campaign was put on hold.

During interviews with Sportskeeda, and in replies to fans on Twitter, former WWE talent Rob Van Dam, Dutch Mantel, and Jonathan Coachman, reacted to the episode.

Rob Van Dam confirms it was common for wrestlers to drug local girls to have their way with them:

A fan on Twitter asked if wrestlers would really drug girls to have their way. RVD said he has yet to watch the episode, but sadly, it is true it would happen when he was breaking in to the business. He also said he never did this to others, but someone had spiked him before.

Jonathan Coachman isn’t happy about the episode involving Vince & Linda McMahon, as he says they were never on the flight:

Again, it seems like there are many differing opinions of not only what happened, but who was there. In the episode, Jim Ross & Terri confirmed the McMahons were present in the luxury “first class of the first class” seating area, as they sat together.

As Jonathan Coachman has recently stated in interviews, he never took a day off back then, so he was on all the flights, and the McMahons were definitely not there. He also agreed that fans often get the play wrestling story between Kurt Angle & Vince McMahon mixed up, and it didn’t happen on the Plane Ride From Hell. Ironically, while waiting for his delayed flight, Coach responded to many fans asking questions about the episode.

Dutch Mantel says Michael Hayes has a drinking problem and does not know what Tommy Dreamer is doing:

Pointing out the obvious, Mantel says it’s not the best idea to throw a punch at JBL, who rightly knocked him out (or so he heard).

“And Michael Hayes, I love him to death but he has a drinking problem and always has. And when he went back there and slapped JBL, which I wouldn’t suggest would be a good move for your health, JBL is a big boy and he got up and they said he knocked him out. I never heard that. And then he got his hair cut.”

He would also talk about Tommy Dreamer’s comments, which he believes were only made to protect Ric Flair, but you’d soon change your tune if the attendant was somebody you loved.

“Talking about Tommy Dreamer, like you said, Tommy Dreamer, I don’t know what he was doing. But he was basically trying to cover for Flair and trying to make his activities seem like it wasn’t a big thing. But if you put your wife, or daughter, or your sister or cousin or anybody or a good friend in place of the flight attendant, if you put it in a personal context, then you really really mad.”

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