Ryback Discusses His Progress Towards In-Ring Return


Ryback gave an update on possibly making a comeback in wrestling while making an appearance on the Shooting Blanks Wrestling Report podcast. 

Here is what he had to say: 

“My back is great. I’m training now, like weight training and conditioning to get ready for wrestling. I’m not going to be taking any time off, like like I did when I got it [stem cells] before. [That was] where I took like two or three months off.”

“These are just for good measure. Get these and then the training is going to escalate further. I’d say I’ll probably give myself three to four weeks and then hopefully from there be able to get back in a ring and start doing some training low key. Just get myself in there to see how I feel.”

“I don’t, I honestly don’t think I’ll miss a beat. I’ve been out before” Ryback stated. “When I had the ankle injury [in WWE] I didn’t wrestle for a year and a half. Then I got thrown on the road, and came right back after not wrestling for a year and a half. I did dark matches and live events there for like five months but like I went back to live events, working 8, 10, 12, 15 minute matches. [That was] after not practising, nothing. People were saying ‘oh my god you got so much better!’ And I hadn’t even even been practising in-ring.” 

Quotes courtesy of SEScoops.com

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