Ryback Wants WWE To Cancel His Free Subscription, Says He’s Never Coming Back, And More


During a recent edition of his podcast, Ryback wishes WWE would cancel his Network subscription and talks about Vince McMahon’s love for roughhousing. The highlights are below:

On Having A Free WWE Network Subscription Still: “I was hoping [the November 20th WrestlePro event] was in the afternoon, so we could come back and watch [WWE Survivor Series] on my free WWE Network that they still have not f–king cancelled! God! Cancel it! I want them to. They won’t! ‘God damn it, I know. The kid has balls, but he’ll come back.’ No I won’t.”


On Vince McMahon’s Love For Roughhousing: “Vince was like that, by the way. He’d try to come behind people and try to f–king get them, like, legitimately. There [have] been many times he would come up behind me and bump me and I’d turn around, like, f–king pissed. And I know Titus O’Neil took it too far and would come and tackle him sometimes.”

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