Sami Zayn Talks The Bloodline’s Internal Dynamics


Speaking to WWE Germany for a recent interview, the Honorary Uce Sami Zayn shared his thoughts on becoming a part of The Bloodline. Zayn’s addition to the group has led to a shift in its dynamics, with the reactions of The Usos garnering fan comments of late.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:


Discussing tension between himself and Jey Uso: “The weirdest thing is we’ve always been very cool. You can see videos, even from us in NXT when they came down there, we’re dancing together, we’re hanging out, we’ve always gotten along great. I do think that the rivalry he had with Roman Reigns a couple of years ago, in my opinion, did something to him. To become the right-hand man in all of this is obviously a position he takes very seriously. I kind of understand not wanting to roll out the welcome mat to an ‘outsider’ at first, but at this point, come on, you know? Come on Uce!”

How this contrasts with his relationship with Jimmy: “Everybody’s been talking about Jey and I, Jey and I’s dynamic, and I’ve been worried that they’re kind of forgetting about Jimmy for a second because that’s a very important dynamic here, too. The fact that Jimmy loves me and I love him. They posted the video in Brooklyn of me saying, ‘how do you not love Jimmy?’ And the fans are just going crazy, we’re doing our secret handshake, and it’s just so cool. Like I said, I’ve known these guys for almost ten years now and I love them and I’m so glad. That’s how we are backstage, and so glad we get to do this in the ring now, so much of our friendship backstage over the years is now being shown on TV. I’m so happy that we get to do it on TV.”

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