Saraya Reveals Why She Was Called Up To The Main WWE Roster


Saraya made her WWE main roster debut as Paige in 2014, and she was immediately pushed to the top of the women’s division by winning the WWE Divas Championship.

Speaking on a recent episode of “The Mark Hoke Show,” the AEW wrestler commented on what led to her RAW debut, why WWE appreciated her unique style, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what led to her RAW debut: “My [NXT] t-shirt got released, which was the ‘Think Again’ t-shirt that Triple H had made for me and it sold out instantly. Like that. It’s sold out so I think they were just like, ‘Oh, she could make us money,’ and so they were like, ‘Let’s bring her up on the main roster.’”

On WWE appreciating her unique style: “I feel like there was only one of me down in NXT at the time. The pale, goth chick who wore a lot of black and studs and stuff like that.”

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