Sean Waltman Discusses Razor Ramon vs. The 1-2-3 Kid


This week on Sean Waltman’s podcast, Sean talks about Scott Hall and the famous 90’s feud they had as Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3- Kid.

Sean Waltman’s team sent the following highlights to eWrestlingNews:

Sean Waltman on getting the initial call from Vince McMahon: 

“I had a lot going on and I also had a New Japan tour for a Super Junior tournament, so I kinda had options, but I never thought I would get hired by WWE. I never thought they would even consider me. So I had the tryout, and I am at home waiting, it seemed like forever till they called. Then one day I pick up the phone and it’s Vince, and he runs this whole Razor Ramon story by me. Pat Patterson is on the line with him, they’re laying the whole thing out exactly how it happened. And I even mentioned, ‘Well I have this Japan tour.’ And they’re like ‘okay, well we’ll have Scott doing the promos’; challenging me to a re-match, putting the money up, until eventually, it’s too much for me to pass up. Vince asks me what I think of it, and obviously I am blown away by the whole thing. Everyone else when they come into WWE, they just get three weeks of vignettes and some squash matches and it was so much greater the way I was brought in.”

Sean Waltman talks slipping and falling during Razor rematch in ’93:

“So I am supposed to hit him, BOOM down he goes, and that’s when I am supposed to grab the money and haul ass out the door. But when I slip and fall it’s like ‘Oh shit, now what?’ When I did that and Scott goes, ‘Now what?’ Scott looked over for some sort of direction from Vince. And Vince just put his head down like this. {Sean tucks his head in}Basically, you’re on your own now, we’re live and this needs to get done before we get off the air. So Scott rolls me back in and is like if I beat him, he’s fucked, that’s his thought. So Scott was going to let me beat him again, he was just trying to think of something like a schoolboy or a small package and I went ‘moonsault,’ somehow I spit out moonsault and he goes, ‘just like before?’ and I go ‘ah ha,’ and it was the best moonsault I ever did. When I hit him with it he was going to let me pin him again. As Earl Hebner is down for the count, he’s going ‘Kick Out!’ So Scott kicks out, and then it’s like what the fuck now? Right? And they’re both going, ‘Get the Money! Get the money!’ I grab the money, and there are ten thousand in there too. I don’t know why they thought they should put ten thousand in there but they did. And I am caring the money bag and I am still so f**ken out of it, just out of my feet. I am going through the curtain and I don’t know if I hear some people warning me or whatever, Scott was about ready to take my head off, he would have had too. And somehow I put it into overdrive just as he takes a swipe and out I go and he misses me. Everything turned out and if we didn’t figure that out, who knows what would have happened to my career.”

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