Sean Waltman Reacts To The Racial Slur Incident From RAW, Doesn’t Think It Was A Big Deal


Sean Waltman spoke with WZ Daily for a new interview and described the feeling backstage at Raw after LeMelo Ball dropped a racial slur during the Miz TV segment. Highlights are below:

On the mood backstage after the slur: “There were some people that were panicked or whatever. They got all up in arms about it but you have to look at it in context. Well, you don’t HAVE to look at it in context but I would suggest we do. That’s how people talk that are of his ethnic background at his age. It’s not like one of us going out there and saying that. We gotta look at the situation, you are putting people out of there element with something like that. I just don’t think it was a very big deal. It was nice for some publicity or something like that. Yeah, it was fine, it got plenty of press. It did it’s job.”

On how the Ball family was when they came back through the curtain: “The old man just came back and walked straight back. Didn’t even come up to Vince or anything. He just walked straight back. The other two actually went over to Vince and shook his hand and he actually looked up at them when he shook their hands! (Laughs)”

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