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NewsSeth Rollins Heaps Praise On Roman Reigns For His Accomplishments

Seth Rollins Heaps Praise On Roman Reigns For His Accomplishments



During a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s “IMPAULSIVE” podcast, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins heaped praise on Roman Reigns for the accomplishments the Tribal Chief has achieved over the years. He said,

“If it’s up to me, it’s me. Whoever does it is primed for a rocket to the moon. The guy is certainly operating on a level that very few have in the history of our industry. He really found his groove being the Tribal Chief, this mob boss character. When he was with us in The Shield, he was learning. When he was out on his own, he couldn’t quite figure out exactly what he wanted to be. That’s just a lack of experience, he has his foot in the wrong shoe. The company saw him in a certain way and I don’t think that aligned with what his personality is and the way he saw himself. One of the things that 2020 and 2021 gave us as an organization was the opportunity to try things that we may not normally do because nobody was watching TV at the time, we were still doing live shows, and we had a chance to play with our characters and take some risks. One of those things that happened was turning Roman Reigns heel, which maybe would have never happened had we not been stuck in a warehouse for 18 months. It turned into one of the best possible outcomes for him and for the industry if you look at the story arc of what the Bloodline and Roman Reigns has been, it’s virtually unmatched in our industry.”

He continued, “It’s so hard because of injuries and the crowd not always jiving with what you’re doing, you have to change stuff from what you want, but to be able to consistently tell a very logical and emotion-based story for years on episodic television, we’re talking every week, 52 weeks a year, for years. No where else on television or movies are you going to be able to find anything like that. It doesn’t even come close. What he’s set up, that’s the thing, who is going to be the guy to take the throne and really push the industry into the next phase. It’s his era, his title, SmackDown is his show, whoever takes that from him, it’s going to be a big deal. There is no arguing (that he’s not excellent). You can say a lot of other things about him, but you can’t deny how incredible he is at what he does.”

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