Sheamus Provides Another Update on His In-Ring Future


The International Business Times posted an article on a recent fan Q&A event featuring WWE Superstar Sheamus. The event took place on a WWE promotional tour he did in the Philippines. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his in-ring future after a fan asks him about retirement: “‘I’m not yet retired.’ I’m just repeating what he said. I just repeated what he said, guys. Sorry. Am I not allowed to do that? Sorry. I’m just — I’m playing around. I don’t know what the story is on my future. I have no idea, I honestly don’t. I just know that through my off, I’d had to channel through my passion. I’ve been watching WWE, you know, following it as much as I can, and just, you know, I miss it. I miss being in the ring, but I’m keeping myself busy.”

On wanting the Intercontinental title: “If I get back to the ring, that would be the first thing I would go after. As of now I am still listed as a SmackDown superstar and the title is on SmackDown. But as of now, I have no access to the title but it’s definitely the one I want.”

On acting: “I like to act. The Rock, well he is okay. Definitely not as buff as me. John’s (Cena) got that hairdo and of course there is big Dave Batista. But I do love acting and that surely will be next for me.”

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