Sid Vicious: “Roman Reigns Is Light-Years Ahead Of Kevin Owens”


Former WWE & WCW star Sid Vicious, recently sat down with Hannibal TV & provided his thoughts on some of the current stars in WWE. In particular, Sid compared two former World Champions in; Roman Reigns & Kevin Owens and shared that he believes Reigns is years ahead of Owens.

Check it out: (video version of the interview will be down below the highlight)

Sid Vicious: “This is the thing; it reminds me of the time I left, when business was hot. I came back as Sycho Sid and I was looking at people like Rex King and Steve Doll and I’m going: ‘Hold on, I know these guys and they’re not money people, what’s going on?’ When I got there, I saw business was that bad. I hate sayin’ it, but I see people like Kevin Owens and this Yakamora guy and these other people like this. When I see that, I’m going, ‘Business has gotta be bad or they’re at a point where they don’t care’, that’s all I know. I think he’s (Reigns) one of the better talents they’ve got. He looks credible, he looks good, [he’s] a good interview and if we’re gonna compare him to anybody, let’s just compare him to the last guy you said, the fat guy in the T-shirt, Kevin Owens. There’s no comparison. I think he’s light years ahead of that guy.”


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