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NewsSlick Thanks Butch Reed - 'He's Responsible For My WWE Career'

Slick Thanks Butch Reed – ‘He’s Responsible For My WWE Career’



On a recent edition of the “Stories with Brisco & Bradshaw” podcast, former WWE talent Slick recalled Butch Reed helping him land a job in WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Butch Reed being responsible for his career: “I’ll tell you who’s responsible for my career, and that’s Butch Reed. Vince [McMahon] told me to my face he didn’t want me. [He didn’t want me] because I’m six [feet and] four [inches tall] … So he told me to my face, but Butch Reed said, ‘I’m coming in with him. I don’t want anybody else.’ And he really pushed that on Vince, so Vince said, ‘Okay.’ Vince had all these satellites; he could tell what was going on everywhere. ‘Let’s see what he does.’ So after hearing me talk, he invited me up. That’s when they [WWE] were in Greenwich, remember?”

On what Vince McMahon told him: “So he told me to my face. He said, ‘Butch is so high on you.’ He says, ‘Then, we got a call from Bruiser Brody. He wants to come in with you as his manager.’ So I’m thinking, ‘Well, these two top guys in the business, if they want to, perhaps you can do something?’ He says, ‘I tell you what you can do; you can cut a promo.’ I say, ‘Right here, right now?’ He says, ‘Yes.’ And boy, I cut one.”

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