Speculation On Ronda Rousey’s Status With The WWE


As most of you are aware by now, current UFC superstar Ronda Rousey, was present at the Mae Young Classic tapings last week. There has been speculation and rumors regarding Rousey possibly becoming a WWE star and during a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez speculated on if the UFC star will ever become a part of WWE’s women’s division.

Alvarez: “So Ronda Rousey was in fact in the front row at the Mae Young Classic. Shayna Baszler, one of the 4 Horsewomen is in the tournament and they had Ronda there for the first night, I believe she was there for the second night. I know that they’ve apparently worked something out where she’s going to be there more often for these, I don’t know that that means. I don’t think they’re going to sign her to like an active participant in the Women’s Division, could they get Ronda Rousey for one match? Sure, they offer her enough money, UFC okays it and she’s up with it then yeah, absolutely. I’m sure they’d love it, I’m not sure it’s gonna happen though.”


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