Steph De Lander

Steph De Lander Says She Hates Deathmatch Wrestling


Steph De Lander competes regularly in GCW with her partner Matt Cardona, and she recently spoke on the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast about her disdain for deathmatches.

Due to her deathmatch work with Cardona on the independent circuit, De Lander has been dubbed The Deathmatch Queen.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On not being a fan of deathmatches: “Just before I kind of met [Matt Cardona], then I sat down and I wrote out my … one-year, three-year, five-year, and lifetime goals, … and honestly I knew a big part of that was GCW. Because, when you look around, GCW is the biggest indie. Even in WWE, you could see it. Everyone knows GCW is the place to be on the indies. But for me, that was daunting because I hate deathmatch wrestling. ‘The Deathmatch Queen’ hates deathmatches. I’m terrified of it. … I can’t even watch it.”

On doing an anti-deathmatch gimmick in GCW: “We are the sports entertainers on a deathmatch indie show, and that’s the whole shtick.”

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