Sukeban World Premiere Results (21/9)


The new Japanese promotion Sukeban held its World Premiere event last night at the Capitale Venue in New York City. The event streamed live on TikTok.

You can check out the results from the show below:


* Cherrybomb Girls (Crush Yuu, Riko Blondie & Supersonic) def. The Vandals (Otaku-chan, Atomic Banshee & BINGO)
* Konami def. Saki Bimi and Queen Takase. Konami was revealed to be X.
* Stray Cat def. Midnight Player
* Dangerous Liaisons (Commander Nakajima & Lady Antoinette) def. Harajuku Stars (Babyface & Maya Mamushi)
* Sukeban World Championship Eliminator: Ichigo Sayaka def. Countess Saori

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