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Ted DiBiase Sr. – ‘I’d Like To Forget My Time In WWE Creative’



On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. reflected on his time on the WWE creative team in the mid-2000s.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his overall time in WWE creative: “It’s almost like it’s a time I’d like to forget. The one thing it did do in terms of the way I think is, maybe it made me appreciate what those people do every week. I mean, those writers it’s like, who thinks about all this stuff. And of course, it’s good and bad as far as I’m concerned. It’s kind of like, I’m an old-timer. I’m the last of the old-timer age. A lot of fans say that. And I hear this from a lot of fans, the guys that were in wrestling or in the WWE or whatever from the mid-80s to the mid-90s were the last great era of wrestling. And I have a tendency to agree with that, only because I was part of it. And the difference is, my generation was the last generation that learned our art the old-school way, and the old-school way was basically getting in the ring every night in front of a live crowd and having a match. And of course as a beginner, your opponent is going to be able to lead you. I mean, because we’re talking out there all the time. We’re telling the story, and the story is obviously good versus evil and how that comes out. But it’s nevertheless a story. And we’re talking, we’re communicating all the time. So when they tried to make me part of the creative team, it was very hard for me. Looking back from where I am now, I wonder if it was very hard because of, you know, maybe just me being hard-nosed and ‘Hey, this is the way we did it.’ And I’m from the old school and that’s the way I learned it.”

On being a man of strong faith and working in a company that relied on violence and sexual content for its programming: “Well, there weren’t any reservations, and I thought about that too. And then, one of my friends looked at me and they said, ‘Ted, who did Jesus hang out with?’”

On whether he tried to change the WWE product: “Well, it’s not so creative in terms of — Stephanie was the one that talked me into going ahead and doing this. You know, I tried to tell Stephanie. I said, ‘Steph, that’s not me.’ I said, ‘You tell me the story. You tell me what you want to happen in that ring. And my gift is to go out there and make it happen.’ Now. I mean, look at the acting industry. Look at Hollywood. You know, there are a lot of great actors and they’re great actors. You give them the script, you tell them what you want, bam! And they can do it. But you give them a pen and say, ‘Write the story,’ they’re going to go. ‘That does not compute.’ And that’s me.”

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