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NewsTeddy Hart Arrested For Possession Of Ecstasy & Steroids

Teddy Hart Arrested For Possession Of Ecstasy & Steroids



Independent wrestling star Teddy Hart (Edward Annis), the nephew of Bret Hart, was arrested last week on the grounds of possession of ecstasy and steroids.

According to Titusville Police Department documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, the drugs were discovered in Teddy’s rental car during a routine traffic stop on July 14 in Titusville, Florida.

The police initially pulled over Hart at around midnight after he ran a red light and traveled at a high rate of speed in a 2022 Mustang.

During the stop, the police smelled an “overbearing odor of burnt marijuana emanating” from Hart’s vehicle. They noticed “an unsealed medical marijuana container with a faded label inside of the glove compartment” and “several pieces of loose leaf marijuana shake” on one of the car’s seats.

The cops stated that they found a baggie of red pills and a baggie of red powder that both tested positive for the presence of MDMA. Two small vials, Masteron and Testosterone Cypionate, were also found which cops describe as anabolic steroids.

The cops found another baggie during the search that contained a blue powdery substance, which they said also tested positive for MDMA.

Hart was then arrested and booked on two felony charges, possession of MDMA and possession of a controlled substance without prescription. The 43-year-old wrestler was released from custody on Saturday, July 15.

Hart has been in and out of jail multiple times in the last few years, including back in 2021, when he had also been accused of being in possession of controlled substances.

As a matter of fact, Hart has been arrested so many times over the years that a Twitter account named “Is Teddy Hart In Jail?” was created to monitor his legal issues.

Teddy has wrestled for multiple promotions in his career including WWE and ROH. He spent most of the last decade working on the indies.

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