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Vickie Guerrero’s AEW Contract Expires, She’s Now A Free Agent



Vickie Guerrero’s contract with All Elite Wrestling has expired and she’s now a free agent.

Back in February, it was reported that Guerrero’s contract would be expiring this month after the two sides agreed not to renew the deal. As of this week, Vickie is now free to sign wherever she’d like.

Guerrero hasn’t been backstage at any AEW TV tapings since February. She made headlines back in April after her daughter Sherilyn accused Kris Benson (Vickie’s husband) of sexually assaulting her on a cruise.

In other news, Colby Corino is happy to be back in the NWA.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “NWA Livestream,” the NWA wrestler says it feels like he’s home again. He said,

“It feels great for me. It feels like I’m home again. I stepped away and I felt directionless. I didn’t have that environment, I didn’t have my people, I didn’t have the crowd with me anymore. Even if I did indie shows, it’s just the same. The environment in the NWA, especially backstage, is just next level. It’s second to none.”

He continued, “So it feels great to be home. But I ain’t just here to have fun and hang out with my buddies. I got championships on the mind. I’m here to do the work. I’m not here to just sit around and just wait my turn. I’m here to take my turn. I’m here to take my spot.”

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