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Teddy Long On Not Having Action Figures, Tito Santana Discusses Strike Force Team Name



In a recent appearance on the WrestleBinge podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long explained why WWE never produced a solo WWE action figure for him.

According to Long, his conversation with John Laurinaitis made it clear that fans wouldn’t be interested in buying his action figures.

Long’s figures had previously been included in multi-item packs but production has since been halted by WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the conversation with Laurinaitis about the matter: “I remember going to him one time and I asked him [why I didn’t] have an action figure. He said to me that they had already talked to the consumers and the consumers said that they wouldn’t buy my doll.”

On how his previous comments might have contributed to the situation: “That was the time that I went to The Undertaker and I asked ‘Taker [if he] would go speak to Vince about what Laurinaitis just told me. Maybe that’s why I don’t have one.”

In a recent appearance on the Wrestling Then and Now podcast, Tito Santana recalled how his tag team with Rick Martel got the name ‘Strike Force.’ Santana revealed that Strike Force wasn’t the original choice for Vince McMahon as the boss had another name in mind for the duo. He said,

“Vince talked to me and he said ‘We’d like to team you up with Rick Martel, and we want to call you the Border Patrol.’ At the time, there was a lot of bad stuff happening to Hispanics trying to cross the border in Texas. Some of them died in the train boxes. And I told Vince, I said ‘If you call us Border Patrol, you might turn us heel, because of what’s going on at the borders.’ He agreed, and he changed us from Border Patrol to Strike Force, which I think turned out to be a better choice.”

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