Tegan Nox Calls Toni Storm’s ‘Timeless’ Character “So Good & Very Her”


Tegan Nox and Toni Storm may no longer be in the same company, but the Welsh Superstar is loving what she’s seeing from AEW’s ‘Timeless’ star.

During a recent edition of the “Wilde On” podcast, Nox said that Storm is “living her best life” and described her AEW character as “so good, and it’s very her as well.”


Nox described Storm’s ‘Chin Up & T*ts Out’ line as the “most Toni thing she could possibly say” and recalled contacting Storm after the line made it to AEW TV. She said,

“I messaged her straight afterward. I was like, ‘That is you. That’s the Toni I’ve known for 12 years. She’s just being herself and it’s like, oh God, how far is this going to go? Because I know you and you’re going to push the boat as far as you can.” She added, “I just love that she’s throwing shoes at people now.”

Storm and Nox last shared the ring for a dark match before the July 5, 2021 episode of Monday Night RAW, which saw Nox get the win.

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