The Blue Meanie – ‘WCW Didn’t Know What To Do With Raven’


WCW just didn’t have an idea as to what to do with Raven, according to fellow ECW alum The Blue Meanie.

After a previous stint as surfer ‘Scotty Flamingo,’ Scott Levy returned to WCW in 1997 as his iconic Raven character and would remain there until 1999.


During the debut episode of the “Making the Town” podcast, The Blue Meanie singled out Raven as someone who never reached his true potential in WCW. He said,

“WCW didn’t know what to do with him.”

Raven’s tenure in WCW would infamously end during a talent meeting in which Eric Bischoff asked if anyone felt like they wanted to leave.

Dissatisfied with his creative direction, Raven was the only person who stood up and would return to ECW by the end of 1999.

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