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The Godfather Says He Almost Quit Over The Godfather Gimmick, More


During a recent appearance on the “Scheduled For Two Falls” podcast, The Godfather commented on nearly quitting over the Godfather gimmick, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with Ahmed Johnson in the Nation: “We try not to include Ahmed in that group. The thing about that group is, we all tried to help each other. We tried to help D’Lo. When Mark Henry came into us, he was green. He was really green and we helped Mark. “Mark, don’t do that. Mark, do this. Mark, do that.’ We tried to do that with Ahmed Johnson and he wouldn’t listen. He’d only been in the business a year, but he knew more than us who’d been doing this a long time.

“So that was his problem, he didn’t wanna listen, he knew everything. And so we got him out of the Nation quick. If you ever get a chance to see how we jumped him out of the Nation, we really beat his ass for real. Ron Simmons was hitting him so hard with his belt that I actually said, ‘Ron lighten up there, Ron lighten up.’ Ron was like, ‘Ohh no, I’m gonna get me some,’ and just lit him [up].”

On corporate pressure killing the Godfather gimmick: “Talk about me not smiling no more. RTC just killed my high, bro. Vince was taking a lot of heat, man. Because now he was going from cable to network, he went public. Now he’s answering to big companies, they’re taking a look at what we’re doing. They’re like, ‘What’s this puppies, and the DX, the ‘Suck it?’ Val Venis, porn star?’ And they said, ‘And my god, who is this Godfather guy?’ And so Vince would tell me everyday, ‘Charles, I’m fighting for you, I’m fighting for you.’ Because they wanted me off the air.

“It got to the point where I couldn’t be on Saturday mornings, I couldn’t be on Sunday mornings. I couldn’t be on before 11 o’ clock. I couldn’t, I couldn’t, I couldn’t — It just became crazy. I couldn’t say, ‘Roll a fatty,’ I couldn’t call them hoes. I couldn’t call myself a pimp, I couldn’t say ‘Smoke weed.’ It got stupid. So, Vince said, ‘You know what? We’re going to poke fun at these guys and I’m going to put you in the RTC, and we’re gonna poke fun at whatever group’ — I don’t know the name of the group that was after us.”

On how the Goodfather made him want to quit: I just remember talking to him saying, ‘…what?’ He’s like, ‘Well, we’re gonna have a match and you and Bull, you’re gonna lose and you’re gonna join the Right To Censor.’ And I’m like, ‘So I don’t have no more hoes?’ I’m like ‘Wait, are the hoes going to be back next week?’ He’s like, ‘No, no more hoes.’

“And so at that point I hated it. I didn’t like it. I the best job I could do but I hated it. Hated every minute of it. It took me from being — and I know it was a work, but the Godfather was a shoot. The Godfather was me out there saying exactly what I was doing, and having fun telling people, ‘Pimpin’ ain’t easy.’ And then they put me in this role, I did the best I could, but I hated it. And I went from being a nice person back to that biker person. And then it just came to the point where they were like, ‘You need to leave, we can’t have you,’ because I hated it. And then I think I said, one time I was telling Taker like, ‘I’m outta here, man. I can’t do this sh** no more.’ And then somehow, it got to Vince. And then next you know, Vince dropped the straps on us. And you know, I’m a business man so I’m not going to leave and I was there even longer with them damn straps. But yeah, I hated it.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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