​The Iron Sheik Speaks – Hogan’s WWE Return, Warrior’s Death


The following are highlights of a new Chicago Now interview with WWE Hall Of
Famer The Iron Sheik:

On Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE: “The Hulk know what
best for the business. He know how to make the world news with greatest company
in the world WWE. He know I make the Hulkamania that way he never get smart with
the legend.”

“My movie show how I make the company biggest company in the world. I love
how everybody know I am the real not that Hollywood blonde jabroni Hulk Hogan.”

On Ultimate Warrior’s passing: “He break my heart.
He my wrestling brother. I always respect him as performer he one of the best
ever. God bless him and forever I be sad.”

On CM Punk leaving WWE: “I don’t know much about
it. I know he great worker he respect the business. Sometime the people get burn
out but I work in my day 320 day a year.”

Check out the complete interview at ChicagoNow.com.

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