The Latest Update On NJPW Legend Shinjiro Otani Following A Very Serious Injury


We reported last night here on eWn that New Japan Pro Wrestling legend Shinjiro Otani suffered a very serious injury after taking a German Suplex from Takashi Sugiura at a ZERO1 event over the weekend.

At the time of the incident, Otani wasn’t able to move in the ring. The match was immediately stopped and Otani was rushed to a local hospital.

ZERO1 President Takahito Kami recently spoke with Tokyo Sports and provided an update on Otani’s condition. He said,

“It hasn’t changed. He’s conscious, but can’t move his limbs. Currently, he’s being treated by a doctor. As for the official diagnosis, we are waiting for a reply from the hospital.”

Due to numerous COVID-19 restrictions, ZERO1 staff haven’t been able to visit Otani in the hospital.

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