The ‘Unified Champion’ Of WWE?, Barrett’s RAW Return


— As noted earlier here on the website, The Big Show kicking out of Ryback’s finisher and then knocking him out to win their match on RAW recently was said to be a punishment to Ryback for using Goldberg’s spear and the jackhammer without permission from WWE officials.

— Announced on RAW in the WWE App poll is the name of the champion following the WWE TLC pay-per-view in two weeks. Whoever wins between John Cena and Randy Orton will be called the “The Unified Champion” of WWE. The honest truth is – WWE doesn’t even know if they want to unify the titles and are giving themselves one more week to decide on what they want to do. An official announcement will be made next week on RAW. They were very careful on what they said on RAW tonight. This shows you how much WWE’s creative team is “booking on the fly” these days.

— Wade Barrett made his return to WWE on this week’s RAW broadcast. Barrett débuted his “Bad News Barrett” gimmick in which he speaks from a podium at ringside.

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