Tom Phillips Dealing With An Illness, Shinsuke Nakamura Reveals “Best Moment” of His Career


During a recent interview with TalkSport, Shinsuke Nakamura said winning the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble match was the “best moment” of his wrestling career. He said,

“When I won the Royal Rumble in 2018, I felt like I was in a washing machine. Everything go fast and crazy. So now, I’ve been in WWE four years, finally, I’ve got used to the environment. But that time I did win the Rumble, that was an unbelievable, crazy time for me. The best moment in my wrestling career. I want to feel that again.”

Tom Phillips tweeted the following, commenting on an illness he’s been dealing with as of late:

“This weekend brought to you by Lemsip, Halls, Ricola, and the Starbuck’s Medicine Ball (just found out what that is). I sound like Jason Beghe now.

In all seriousness, I’m sincerely grateful to everybody inside and outside of WWE that have supported me. Thank you!”

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