Tommaso Ciampa: “A Finish Like WWE Hell in a Cell Wouldn’t Fly in NXT!”


WWE NXT Superstar Tommaso Ciampa was a guest on WWE’s “The Bump” earlier today. In the video, which you can view below, Ciampa said a finish like the one at Hell in a Cell “wouldn’t fly in NXT”, and more. You can check out some highlights below:

On the Hell in a Cell finish: “I’m just gonna give you my two cents on the Bray and Seth situation. From a performer’s standpoint, if Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano in TakeOver New Orleans, Unsanctioned, ended with ref stoppage, it’s something that just doesn’t fly in NXT. And that’s what makes NXT the A-show. You know what I mean?”

On being back in NXT: “It’s great to be back in NXT. NXT is my home, and I think I made it pretty clear on Wednesday night what I’m coming back for and that’s Goldie. And every single night on USA when you see the Undisputed Era, and you see Adam Cole, and you see him holding onto Goldie, you just look left. You look right because I’m going to be nearby.”

On the stingers from his neck injury: “Yeah. I woke up symptom free, man, from surgery. And that’s a sign of a full recovery. When I woke up that first day in the hospital, I had feeling back in both my hands. No numbness, no tingling, no burning sensation. So, those are all good signs, and a couple hiccups in the road over the last six months, but that’s expected. Overall, though, training fully and feeling good.”

On the Blackheart special on WWE Network: “Yeah, it was a cool opportunity to give the fans and everybody a peek behind the curtain because I’m pretty closed off in some ways in my personal life and keeping it separate from my professional life, but during Blackheart, you see it all; my wife, my child, the journey that we’ve been through over the last year, leading up to me winning the NXT title and obviously neck surgery and being forced to relinquish the title. It’s a crazy year that it’s been for myself and my family, and Blackheart gives you this awesome behind-the-scenes look at everything that makes me kind of what I am.”

On what fans can expect for his return: “You can expect a second title reign. That’s what you can expect. For the last five years, I’ve talked about NXT being the A-show. For the last five years, I’ve talked about the NXT title being the most prestigious title in the entire world. Right now, Adam Cole is just holding to my possession. And it really has nothing to do with Adam, and I think he even knows that. He’s the wrong man, wrong place, wrong time. Whoever was holding onto the title, is the guy I was going to come for, whether that be Johnny Gargano, or Finn Balor, or Adam Cole. It doesn’t matter. My name is going to go back onto the plates of that title. I’m not stopping until it happens.”

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