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Toni Storm – ‘I’d Fight Ricky Starks If I Had The Chance’



Toni Storm recently spoke with The Daily Star to discuss a variety of topics, including the influence Saraya and her family have had on her career.

Additionally, the former AEW Women’s Champion revealed that the one man on the roster she’d like to “fight” is Ricky Starks.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On which man on the AEW roster she’d like to fight: “Ricky [Starks] because, yeah, I wasn’t a fan of him. My husband came to AEW and they faced off and I wasn’t a fan of him. I wasn’t a fan of that guy, so I’d mess him up if I had the chance.”

On which women she’d like to face: “Oh, who’s left? Okay, I could handle [Mercedes Moné]. I could beat the s*** out of her, yeah. Well, I heard Giulia’s talking s**t. You know, she wasn’t there last time I was [in Japan]. She was probably one of the girls carrying my bags or something. Now she’s making all this noise. She thinks she’s the s**t. Not threatened by her at all, but I’d make an example out of her big time because of all the s*** she’s been talking. So I’d like to put her in her place.”

On her history with the Knight family: “When I was in England I would wrestle her mother — who is just the most violent person that I’ve ever been in the ring with. She had a heck of an influence on me; I’ve been influenced by that family quite a bit actually.”

On her relationship with Saraya: “I just have always been inspired by her, heavily influenced by her. I’ve watched her, it’s crazy to me that we’re friends, it’s crazy that we’re as close as we are because she’s just someone that I’ve adored for so long. Now we are a team and I get to work with her all the time and I get to see her all the time and it’s wonderful.”

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