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Tons Of News – Hikaru Shida, Tony Khan, The Hardys, Mark Henry, Dynamite 200, WOW



The Hardys will team up with Keith Lee against The Butcher, The Blade, and Kip Sabian in the main event of tomorrow night’s episode of AEW Rampage. Ahead of the match, Matt and Jeff Hardy cut a promo in which they promised a “painful Twist of Fate” for their opponents. You can check out the clip below:

Tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV will kick off with a promo in the ring featuring Knockouts World Champion Trinity.

Hikaru Shida defeated Toni Storm to become a two-time AEW Women’s World Champion on last night’s 200th episode of AEW Dynamite.

Shida addressed her achievement on Twitter, writing,

“I did it!! You all did it!! We did it together because I couldn’t do this without you guys! Thank you so much, I heard you this time.”

In a recent interview with Pwinsider, AEW President Tony Khan stated that he would like for the company’s library to be made available to stream on the MAX app. AEW still doesn’t have a streaming home in the United States even after four years of operation, although it was reported that Warner Bros. Discovery has the streaming rights. Khan said,

We have all the bones for a really strong streaming platform. It would be a very strong addition to any streaming platform, and my dream is that it all lands on Max. It would be tremendous. Right now, AEW All Access is available on Max, which is very cool, and hopefully, that is a step in the right direction, getting our stuff steaming. We have a great library. All together, with everything I own, it’s thousands of hours of great wrestling and the AEW catalog has grown so much considering we started this thing from scratch four years ago. I believe the streaming service will happen. As to where it is and what platform it is, that’s something that I believe largely will be influenced by Warner Bros.

As we previously reported here on eWn, MJF addressed the crowd following last night’s Dynamite 200 special and brought out the entire roster to thank Tony Khan.

Tony Khan returned to thank the audience following the Rampage taping, where he was joined by Brodie Lee Jr. who got the live crowd to sing Happy Birthday to his friend Ben, then thanked his “amazing boss” Khan. Khan noted that Brodie is a good friend and asked the audience to applaud him.

Speaking on a recent edition of his “What Happened When” podcast, AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone reflected on his promo segment with CM Punk and Ricky Starks on AEW Collision this past Saturday.

Punk and Starks will do battle for the real AEW World Championship on AEW Collision this week. WWE Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat will serve as the special guest referee. Schiavone said,

“You’re not gonna be able to beat me and CM Punk and Ricky Starks this last Saturday. That has to go down as one of my favorite ones. I really enjoyed that. I loved it, loved the whole segment. I loved that segment, and I loved that segment the week before, when we established that tag team match. But I loved the stuff I did with Britt, when we did the thing with getting our nails done. I liked all of that stuff, working with her. But I really think that that segment Saturday night was one of favorites, if not my favorite of all time, me being a part of it.”

On the latest edition of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, Matt Hardy stated that there is a ‘good idea’ for a match with Jeff Jarrett when AEW hits Nashville on August 16. The Hardys, along with Brother Zay and Ethan Page, have been feuding with Jarrett’s faction in recent weeks. Matt said,

“I 100% will be in Nashville I will be there and ready to rock and roll. I know there’s a really good idea on the table that might happen there, considering we’re in a little bit of a program with Jeff Jarrett and his cronies. So, we’ll see what happens.”

During a recent appearance on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast, Nigel McGuinness opined that Bryan Danielson is likely too scared to face him at AEW All In 2023 at Wembley Stadium. He acknowledged that although Danielson has been injured since AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II, it shouldn’t stop him from competing at All In. The American Dragon previously hinted at a match between the two at an AEW media scrum. McGuinness said,

The truth of the matter is, the only way I was going to come out of retirement was for a match against Bryan Danielson at Wembley Stadium. It was going to take something like that for me to come out of retirement, because I really value my job doing announcing and there are so many other guys on the card that are so much better than me and deserve those spots, but in the right situation, I’d be crazy to not be open to that possibility. Now, [Danielson] has gone and broken his arm. Let’s be honest. We all saw the x-rays, and one of those bones was perfectly okay. I don’t know how many bones are in the human body. He’s got all of them apart from one, does he really need time off? He’s sitting at home, taking a paycheck, digging those clams out of the sand. He could be in there wrestling me. To be perfectly honest, he’s probably a bit scared. It’s ironic isn’t it? Someone asked him that question in a media scrum and he was like, ‘I respect Nigel as a commentator, but if he gets in the ring with me, I’d break his neck,’ and he’s the one with a broken arm, and I never got a chance to wrestle him. That is karma. I’m not saying he’d be scared of wrestling me again, he’s had a lot more experience than me, but I’m in as good of shape now as I’ve ever been. I’m in ring shape, I’m ready to go, but I can’t see myself wrestling at this point in that sort of situation at this point. That’s the truth of the matter. It made me think, I remember when he said that ‘he’ll break my neck,’ I’m sure he can’t feel threatened, but it took me back to the match we had in Liverpool where he ran my head into the ring post four times, knocked me out damn nearly, and left me on the outside to get counted out. I got back in the ring, and I will always remember the look on his face when I came up, covered in blood, ready to murder him. That look of fear. That’s a look of fear that doesn’t disappear in 12 years, that stays with him for the rest of his life. To me, that sounded like someone who didn’t want the match to happen. You can understand why.

WOW – Women of Wrestling has released a preview clip and lineup for this weekend’s episode 47. You can check out the synopsis, card, and video below:

* Las Bandidas w/ Sophia Lopez vs. Jennifer Florez and Stephy Slays
* Kandi Krush vs. GI Jane
* Keta Rush vs. Fury
WOW Tag Team Championships No. 1 Contender’s Match: Reina Del Rey and Wrecking Ball vs. The Tonga Twins

EPISODE 47: “Leaving It All In The Ring” After weeks of domination, two tag teams battle for the #1 contender’s spot for the WOW Tag Team Championships. Will it be Reina Del Rey and Wrecking Ball or the Tonga Twins? Find out in our Main Event! Opening the broadcast will be The World’s Greatest Attorney, Sophia Lopez leading her Las Bandidas into battle against fan favorites, Jennifer Florez and Stephy Slays. Then two of the toughest competitors WOW has ever seen, Kandi Krush and GI Jane will meet in an absolute brawl of a singles match! The Bully Buster, Keta Rush steps in the ring one-on-one with Fury. Can Keta overcome the odds of Fury having her Heavy Metal Sisters at ringside?

And finally, you can check out some additional highlights from last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite below:

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