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Tony Khan Hints That The Devil Could Reveal Identity At AEW Worlds End 2023



To promote this Saturday night’s AEW Worlds End 2023 pay-per-view event, AEW President Tony Khan held a media conference call. During the media call, Khan talked about The Devil character.

For months, The Devil’s true identity in AEW has remained a mystery, but Khan suggested that it could be revealed at Worlds End 2023. Throughout this time, The Devil has focused on targeting the World Champion MJF since coming back. MJF was the original Devil.

Khan said, “It feels like we’re getting close to that point. I do expect some big revelations and big moments at Worlds End. It’s its own idea, and it’s something that I’m excited about. I do feel like it’s coming close to the culmination and it does feel like the secrets will be revealed at Worlds End, and I’m looking forward to it. It’s been very different than the other aspects of AEW. One aspect of it has been really interesting and it’s been something to keep people hooked and those people that want to see that kind of episodic story is really something that has a lot of people talking and built a lot of interest for Worlds End is the identity of the Devil.“

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