Tony Schiavone Reveals His Reaction To Darby Allin’s Insane Bump At WrestleDream


At this past Sunday night’s WrestleDream pay-per-view event, Darby Allin was involved in a crazy spot where he was slammed off the ring apron onto the steel steps by Christian Cage.

During the latest edition of his “What Happened When” podcast for AdFreeShows, Tony Schiavone shared his reaction to the spot and whether he feels it was unnecessary.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his reaction to the spot: “When I saw Darby the other night hit the steps, I’m thinking, ‘God bless you, Darby, but in 30 years — 20 years — those things will come back to haunt you. Take a look at Mick Foley, right? … Hulk Hogan’s had a hard time getting around, from what I understand.”

On the spot being unnecessary: “Go back and watch any show of ours, and you could like at that and say that match would’ve been fine without that bump. They do it for the fan reaction. That’s what drives them. … I get caught up in it, too — the excitement of it. But sometimes I sit back and I wonder — how many dives do we actually need in a show?”

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