“Toxic Perverted Man” Riddle Accused Of Filming Sex With 19-Year-Old Stripper


The ex of WWE RAW Superstar Riddle has lashed out at him, calling him a “sick toxic perverted man” in a series of tweets.

Earlier this year, Riddle’s divorce to his wife of eleven years Lisa Rennie was finalized, and it was reported shortly after that he was seeing Daniela Petrow.

Responding to a fan who said that they’re happy if Riddle is happy with Petrow, she responded in scathing fashion:

“I’m happy I’m not w the sick toxic perverted man anymore you all don’t know the Evil he really is I was blinded by love I couldn’t see it either

No disrespect at all for your sister know that … but the amount of men & women especially sleeping w them raw just makes me sick some as young as 18/19 yrs old and the relationship I can’t believe I was in I’m still like wtf this man bent me so far he broke me

Oh he sent me pics of him F*ckin a 19 yrs stripper raw to rube in my face this girl I sent her pics back to her then she posted this like wtf after all I experienced I believe candy the mistress story”

In June 2020, Riddle was accused of sexual misconduct by indie wrestler Candy Cartwright, who claimed that the RAW Superstar had stopped her from getting a tryout in WWE.

The case was dropped a year later. Riddle has not responded to these latest accusations at this time.

You can check out the tweets from Petrow below:

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