Two Possible & Rumored **SPOILERS** For Tonight’s WWE TLC Pay-Per-View Event


Source: The Wrestling Observer

As previously reported, there’s a strong belief that Randy Orton will make
his return at the WWE TLC pay-per-view, which takes place tonight in Cleveland,

While it’s by no means confirmed, there’s speculation that Orton returns to
interfere in the main event “Tables Match” between John Cena and Seth Rollins,
likely completing his babyface turn by making the save for Cena.

Although that is one scenario, there are reports that claim Orton’s first
program back will be against Kane as a babyface, so there’s a chance that he
won’t be returning in the Cena-Rollins match.

Additionally, there’s talk that Roman Reigns could return in the Cena-Rollins
match, under the same circumstances — making the save for Cena and setting up a
program with Rollins coming out of the show.

As previously reported, Daniel Bryan is backstage at the show but he wasn’t
expected to appear as of last word. Of course, that could change.

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