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NewsAEWTyler Breeze Discusses The State Of The AEW: Fight Forever Video Game

Tyler Breeze Discusses The State Of The AEW: Fight Forever Video Game



Tyler Breeze is still a big video game fan as he has made appearances on Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown YouTube gaming channel.

During an appearance on the “Agents of Wrestling” podcast, Breeze talked about the AEW: Fight Forever video game. He said,

“So I actually tried it. I tried once or twice. I like it. I like the feel of it. I think it’s a very good base point. Like I think there’s a lot they can add on to but I think now that they have something then it’s you know, obviously easier to see or to hear what people want. I know people were mentioning a lot about like creation, they want a little more customization. They love making people or downloading people or all that stuff.

So I think the overall idea is good, I think the gameplay is very different than WWE 2K, which is exactly what they were going for. They wanted more of that No Mercy feel, that old kind of arcade-style. I’ve only tried it a couple times. But we’re gonna be doing a couple tournaments here and there coming up with it. So I think we’re gonna jump into it a little bit more.”

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