Upcoming PPV Plans for Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns


As of last week, Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton is planned for SummerSlam if Triple H vs. Reigns doesn’t happen. It comes down to Triple H and if he wants to wrestle or not but given how they’re trying to build Night of Champions up and how the feud with Triple H is going to be a big moment for Reigns’ Road to WrestleMania, they may save it for after SummerSlam. Whichever feud he works first, Reigns will be going over as he continues to be held in very high regard among most WWE higher-ups.

Regarding Seth Rollins cashing in, word this past week is that he will feud with Dean Ambrose until after SummerSlam and likely even longer – through Night of Champions and up to Hell In a Cell. There are plans for several big “cash in” angles between Rollins and Ambrose but Rollins isn’t expected to actually cash in his title shot until after the feud with Ambrose. There has been no decision made yet on when Rollins will cash in or anything like that.

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