Updates: Chris Jericho & Claudio Castagnoli


— As noted earlier, FCW star Antonio Cesaro (the former Claudio Castagnoli) debuted on the road with the main WWE roster at Friday night’s RAW live event in Jackson, Mississippi.

Cesaro teamed with Michael McGillicutty and lost a squash to Mason Ryan and Alex Riley. The same match happened at Saturday’s live event in Tyler, Texas.

Cesaro is likely on an evaluation tour with the main roster, like Seth Rollins was the week before. Rollins defeated Tyson Kidd in three matches.

Chris Jericho appeared at Saturday night’s WWE RAW live event in Tyler, Texas. Jericho came to the ring and before he could talk, he was confronted by David Otunga.

Otunga demanded that Jericho take off his jacket because it was causing seizures. Otunga got into Jericho’s face and the segment ended with Jericho putting Otunga in the Walls of Jericho before making his exit.

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