Updates On Scott Hall, Cody Hall & Jake Roberts + More


— Former WWE Superstar Scott Hall, along with his son Cody Hall, are accepting booking requests for 2014 through their company, “HallGood Entertainment.” Promoters interested in booking either of the Hall’s can do so via e-mail at [email protected] on by tweeting @Cody_Hall1.

— CBS Sports reports that Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently beating the entire panel of experts when it comes to picking which NFL teams are going to win a given week. With the season heading into week 10, Roberts currently has a double digit lead. He also has a standing wager with CBS writer Dave Richard. If Jake wins, Dave has to visit DDP’s Accountability Crib for an intense DDP Yoga workout and “a lesson in gluten-and dairy-free living.” If Dave wins, Jake has to visit the CBS Sports office and work with him for a day. There are still seven weeks to go.

Of course, a friendly wager wouldn’t be nearly as fun without a little bit of trash-talking:

JakeSnakeDDT @JakeSnakeDDT

@daverichard Gained another 2 games. Double digit lead. Should we call this off? Worried about your future and credibility…

Dave Richard ✔ @daverichard

@JakeSnakeDDT Only way we call this off is if you forfeit … plenty of time left …

10:59 AM – 4 Nov 2013

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