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WWE producer Adam Pearce has opened up on a story regarding late WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele. Today marks the six-year anniversary of Steele’s passing. Pearce tweeted,

“A STORY: I was booked on a card with Mr. Steele – 25 years ago in Joliet, IL. During my match, I blew my left shoulder out. Torn labrum, torn rotator cuff, a mess that required major surgery. In any event, I was tasked by the promoter to drive George back to his hotel. During the drive, it must’ve been obvious that I couldn’t lift my left arm high enough to get my hand on the wheel. ‘How are you feeling, son?’ ‘I’m okay, sir.’ ‘Son… no you’re not, please pull over.’ George Steele ended up driving ME in my baby blue 1990 Buick Century, asking if he in any way could help,” Pearce continued. “Did I have insurance? Need him to drive me to the ER? Could I afford the cost of going? And when we got to his hotel, he pulled out his wallet and gave me trans.”


Vinny Pacifico has announced his collaboration with BANG Energy. You can check out his announcement below:

The new Ultraviolent Underground promotion, which was supposed to feature CZW founder John Zandig, is shutting down operations. According to a report from Pwinsider, Pancoast Productions and Ultraviolent Underground have announced that they will shut down operations due to a variety of issues.

You can check out the official announcement below:

“UVU Customers, Subscribers, Talent & Staff:

We are sending this correspondence on behalf of the UV Entertainment Group and principal member, Pancoast Productions, Inc., to inform you after thoughtful consideration the decision has been made to discontinue operations and to terminate the production of the Ultraviolent Underground.

Unlike seventeen years, this decision was the result of three (3) main failures:

1. Inexperience

2. Communcation

3. Project Management

We own all three failures.

Inexperience: Having spent the better part of twenty years raising the curtain, lighting the stage and capturing the action, it was a premature leap to the promotions side of the industry. We were overmatched in this marketplace, not being prepared for the this new environment. We were overzealous and made poor and costly decisions.

Communication: While we thought the concept made sense internally, we failed to properly message it to the consumer. The language and networking choices produced a failed marketing strategy. The final message to consumers resulted in lack of confidence and confusion.

Project Management: This project was poorly managed due to failed leadership. As we were constantly changing team members, we eroded any sense of cohesiveness and buy-in. In hindsight, the changes were focused on the wrong areas and instead should have been at the top. Unattainable goals and expectations were placed on team members to correct mistakes that came from the top.

Finally and most importantly, we want to acknowledge the customers, subscribers, talent and staff that supported this endeavor.

To the customers, those that took a leap of faith and purchased a pass or subscribed to the digital platform, we failed to deliver the entertainment experience. All sales, both and, are being refunded in full. For those that purchased a package that included a hat and t-shirt, these items will be still be mailed to you on us.

To the talent, those that signed on back in December, dealt with a variety of talent agent changes, requests for media content and evening conversations, we failed to provide you a platform to perform and entertain. All agreed fees for appearance services are being paid in full.

Finally to Zandig, we started this concept seventeen years ago together. We promised to finish what we started and we failed to keep that promise to you. We are forever grateful to the chance you took twenty years ago and are completely gutted to not be able to repay you by seeing this to the end.

While the Ultraviolent Underground will return to the archives of history, we hope and trust that you will continue to support this genre of professional wrestling by attending live events, especially on the independent scene, or subscribe to one of the many digital platforms. May the innovation and creativity of the Ultraviolent Underground live on in the legacy left by its former kings and queens and continue to inspire the future heirs to the throne.

Pancoast Productions”

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