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NewsA Video Of The Singh Brothers Working Out With Tamina Snuka, AJ...

A Video Of The Singh Brothers Working Out With Tamina Snuka, AJ Styles Appearing At Comic-Con



— Tyson Kidd turned 37 years old on Tuesday.

— Butch Reed turned 63 years old on Tuesday.

— Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer turned 87 years old on Tuesday.

— On Friday, August 4th, AJ Styles will be appearing at Wizard World Comic-Con Columbus at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Styles will pose for photo ops, sign autographs and conduct a Q&A panel between 5-8 PM local time.

— WWE posted the following Tweet, leading to an old playlist for Shelton Benjamin, which was described as follows. “Before Shelton Benjamin returns to SmackDown Live, check out The Gold Standard’s most jaw-dropping feats of athleticism in this playlist.” This of course led to speculation that Benjamin was returning to WWE:

Need ONE reason why @Sheltyb803 is called The #GoldStandard? Here’s FOUR, and they do not disappoint! — WWE (@WWE) July 10, 2017

The tweet has since been deleted.

— The Singh Brothers posted the following clip, showing that they worked out with Tamina Snuka on Monday before the WWE SmackDown! live event in Laredo, TX:

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