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WWE 205 Live Feb 21, 2020 Results & Report



WWE Cruiserweights come to blows!

Things are heating up as WWE 205 Live gives a building grudge a No Disqualification Tag Match! Do the 205 Live OG have a plan to survive?


  • Joaquin Wilde VS Raul Mendoza; Mendoza wins.
  • Tyler Breeze VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil; Breeze wins.
  • No Disqualification Tag: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick; Lorcan & Burch win.


WWE 205 Live’s new wave has felt resistance.

The New Year began with Danny Burch’s 205 Live debut against Ariya Daivari. The Persian Lion gave it his all as a “205 Live OG,” but it took the interference of a man in a mask to give him the win. That man in the mask was the Man with a Plan, THE Brian Kendrick! And together with Daivari, Kendrick dared the entire Cruiserweight Division to #DoSomething. Ever since then, Daivari and Kendrick have been “friends,” and worked together to win at Burch’s expense. But they forgot Burch has a friend, too! The Fury of 205 Live, Oney Lorcan, made his return!

And it was just last week that the OG’s tried to get the WWE Universe to understand something. Kendrick and Daivari are the foundation of this division, so they can’t just let guys like Burch and Lorcan “waltz in” to THEIR show and take over. That message was made clear, but Lorcan and Burch had a very clear response: ATTACK! That brings us to tonight’s No Disqualifications Tag Match! Will Kendrick and Daivari be able to survive the wrath of the Fury and the Govenah?

Joaquin Wilde VS Raul Mendoza!

Before 205 Live gets wild, it gets Wilde! We have a rematch from a couple weeks ago, but will it go the same way?

The bell rings and though these two teamed up for NXT, they’ll reignite their young rivalry. They tie up, Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock but Wilde spins through to arm-drag. Mendoza keeps hold but Wilde gets up to his feet. Wilde spins, pries the wristlock apart into double knuckle locks, and we have a test of strength. They’re pretty even, but Mendoza turns Wilde to flip him over and trip him up. Wilde has Mendoza on his feet, a cover of ONE, but Wilde is up to monkey flip Mendoza! Double cover, ONE! Mendoza rolls back but Wilde is ready again. Wilde wheelbarrows and arm-drags Mendoza away, and fans cheer. Mendoza keeps his cool as he circles with Wilde again.

Mendoza headlocks, Wilde powers out, and things speed up. Wilde hurdles then ducks under as Mendoza leaps. Wilde runs, tilt-o-whirl arm-drag! Jawbreaker! Leap frog and springboard back elbow! Cover, TWO! Mendoza bails out and Wilde asks what’s up. Mendoza cools off with the ring count and returns to the ring. Wilde is ready and they tie up again. Wilde headlocks and holds on as Mendoza tries to power out. Mendoza endures as Wilde grinds him down, so Mendoza throws body shots. He knees free then goes to suplex, but Wilde blocks. Mendoza clubs Wilde on the back and tries again. Wilde slips out and CHOPS Mendoza!

Wilde whips Mendoza corner to corner, Mendoza slips out and enziguris back! Mendoza springboard as Wilde rolls back, BIG missile dropkick! Wilde bails out and Mendoza builds speed to DIVE! The somersault tope hits at the ramp! Fans fire up as Mendoza brings Wilde up and into the ring. Mendoza kicks Wilde sharp in the back then puts him in a corner. Mendoza pulls on Wilde’s arms against ropes, but lets up as the ref counts. Wilde throws forearms back! Mendoza knees low and snapmares to run and basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Wilde crawls but Mendoza stalks up behind him. Mendoza puts Wilde up top and climbs up to join him. Mendoza brings Wilde up but Wilde elbows him away.

Wilde stands but Mendoza clubs him again! Mendoza has the Electric Chair, but Wilde rolls back to SUPER BOMB! Wilde sputters for air while Mendoza writhes across the way. Fans build up to a rally as Wilde throws hands on Mendoza. Wilde rocks Mendoza then runs and starts rallying with clotheslines! Wilde whips but Mendoza reverses, only for Wilde to go up and over. Mendoza elbows Wilde back then goes up, but Wilde shoves him down and out! Mendoza crashes ‘n’ burns but Wilde climbs up to the very top. From the post, SWANTON! Fans fire up with Wilde as he drags Mendoza up. Wilde puts Mendoza in, springboards, but fakes Mendoza’s dropkick out! Wilde is back up, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Mendoza lives and Wilde can’t believe it!

Wilde aims from a corner as Mendoza slowly rises. Wilde somersaults but Mendoza blocks! Mendoza pops Wilde up but Wilde sunset flips over! Mendoza rolls through to KNEE! Wilde is down and Mendoza runs, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza goes after the legs, Inverted Texas Cloverleaf SWING, for a facebuster! Mendoza keeps on the Cloverleaf kneebar! Wilde crawls and reaches to get the ropebreak! Mendoza lets go before the ref counts 4, then brings Wilde up. Mendoza brings Wilde around, pump handles, but Wilde victory rolls! Only for Mendoza to sit on it! TWO, and Wilde SUPERKICKS!

Wilde runs but Mendoza side steps, SNAP GERMAN! But Wilde is right up, CODE BREAKER! Mendoza wobbles but so does Wilde. Wilde grabs both wrists, kangaroo pop but the Wilde Thing is BLOCKED! Mendoza rolls Wilde and whips, but Wilde reverses, only to get a running enziguri!! Cover, Mendoza wins!

Winner: Raul Mendoza, by pinfall

Mendoza walks that Mendoza Line as he gets even with Wilde! But when and where will we see a tiebreaker? And who will win it?

205 Live shares the post-NXT interview of Lio Rush.

Jordan Devlin is still the NXT Cruiserweight Champion and therefore still the top Cruiserweight in the WWE. Does Lio feel like Devlin has his number? Lio says tonight just wasn’t his night. But then how does he look to get back into the title scene? Before Lio could answer, Tyler Breeze passed by and gave his compliments. That was an amazing match, so don’t worry too much. It happens to the best of them. Lio was in no mood and told Breeze to get the hell out of his face. Is the Living Piece of Gold reaching his boiling point?

Tyler Breeze VS Samir Singh w/ Sunil!

Prince Pretty returns to 205 Live, and “co-stars” with the Bollywood Boys! Will Breeze steal the spotlight to head towards a “role” in the title scene?

The bell rings and Samir struts as he circles with Breeze. Sunil “frames the scene” while Samir swivels the hips. Breeze and Samir tie up, Breeze powers Samir back but Samir puts him in the corner. Samir dirties the break with forearms and elbows, and he has Breeze staggering. Samir swivels his hips then runs, into a dropkick! Breeze has the fans on his side as he bumps Samir on buckles. Breeze back suplexes high and hard, covers, ONE! Samir bails out and Sunil shouts, “Cut! Cut!” Breeze refuses, and slingshot PLANCHA! Breeze puts Samir in but Sunil distracts from the apron. Sunil runs when Breeze chases, but Samir CLOBBERS him! Samir rains down rights and fires up with “Bolly Bolly Bolly!”

Samir throws Breeze out hard and distracts the ref, so Sunil gets his stomps in! Sunil gets away with it, and Samir puts Breeze back in. Samir climbs up top and Sunil has the shot. Samir leaps, BIG back elbow! Cover, TWO! Breeze survives but Samir is on him with a chinlock. Fans rally as Breeze endures but Samir cranks harder. Sunil gets a sweeping shot as Breeze fights his way up. Breeze elbows free but Samir clubs him down. Samir whips but Breeze reverses. Samir boots back then hops up, but Breeze enziguris! Breeze climbs up to join Samir but Sunil calls for another cut! Samir shoves Breeze down in the distraction! Samir leaps, into a SUPER MODEL KICK! Cover, Breeze wins!

Winner: Tyler Breeze, by pinfall

Now that’s a wrap! Sunil runs in, to get a SUPER MODEL KICK of his own! Breeze is victorious tonight, but will he be heading for the Cruiserweight Championship?

WWE shares Mike Kanellis’ tweet.

After his return to 205 Live, he told the WWE Universe, “I missed you guys.” Tony Nese posted a picture of his and Kanellis’ return on his Instagram, “singing” a cover of Kanellis’ theme, “This is the greatest (greatest) team I’ve ever known!” When and where will Mike Kanellis and Tony Nese team up again in the WWE?

Next week’s 205 Live will be a War of the Cruiserweights!

Well that isn’t the official title, but it will be a unique 5v5 ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH! Tony Nese is Captain 205 Live while Lio Rush is Captain NXT! And the captains will have the next seven days to select the best Cruiserweights in the WWE today to form their teams! Who will the Premier Athlete and Man of the Hour choose? And which side will stand tall as the best brand of Cruiserweight action in the WWE today?

No Disqualification Tag: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Ariya Daivari & THE Brian Kendrick!

The One Two has come to 205 and the OG’s don’t like it! But everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Will the Persian Lion and “The Best Damn Thing to Happen to Cruiserweight Wrestling” be able to hit first? Or will they get hit hardest?

But before even making their entrances, Lorcan and Burch are right after Daivari and Kendrick! Burch throws Kendrick into barriers while Lorcan brawls with Daivari up the ramp. Daivari clubs Lorcan and throws him into the set pieces! Lorcans taggers about and Daivari is on him, throwing him OFF the stage! Daivari heads back towards ringside where Burch is all over Kendrick. Burch EuroUppers Kendrick but Daivari CLOBBERS Burch from behind! Kendrick hobbles up to whip Burch, but Burch reverses, sending Kendrick into steel steps! Lorcan is back to CHOP Daivari! Burch bumps Kendrick off the apron while Lorcan CHOPS Daivari again! Fans fire up as Burch CHOPS Kendrick! Daivari throws Lorcan into barriers while Burch throws more EuroUppers.

Daivari puts Lorcan in the ring while Burch stomps Kendrick down, and the ref finally rings the bell to officially start the match! Cover, ONE, but Daivari is right on Lorcan. Burch throws Kendrick over the barriers and stalks him into the WWE Universe while Lorcan throws Daivari out. Burch throws more EuroUppers on Kendrick while Lorcan pursues Daivari. Daivari throws Lorcan into barriers! Kendrick clubs Burch down and headlocks, but Lorcan hip tosses Daivari over barriers ONTO Kendrick! The 205 Live OG crash down together and Lorcan fires up! Fans fire up with him and Burch! Burch calls Lorcan over, and they dump Kendrick back to ringside. Lorcan and Burch bring Kendrick up to put in the ring. Burch covers, TWO!

Lorcan and Burch bring Kendrick up, but Daivari returns, with a chair! Daivari gives Burch a chair shot to the ribs, then does the same to Lorcan! Daivari sits the chair by the ropes and brings Burch over. He punches Burch and pie faces him. Daivari stomps Burch but fans boo. Daivari makes Burch take a seat and punches away. Fans boo as Daivari runs, but Burch drop toeholds Daivari onto the chair! Daivari flounders up and Burch runs in for the ocrner clothesline and enziguri! Burch snapmares then hops up to leap, missile dropkick! Burch kips up but flounders as he’s a little off balance. But Burch gets right up again to throw up the deuce and shrug it off. Lorcan joins Burch, and Burch shouts, “ONEY! GET THE TABLES!!” The Dudley Boys must be loving this as much as the fans are!

Lorcan and Burch drag the table out and Arizona heats up! The table is brought around the way and then set up by the ring. Lorcan and Burch have Daivari in the ring and bring him over. Fans fire up, Burch and Lorcan have Daivari on the apron, but Kendrick knocks Burch down! Kendrick bumps Lorcan into the post, then fireman’s carries! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE!! Fans love it as all four men are down on the outside! Daivari goes after Burch with stomps then throws him over the announce desk! Daivari looks under the ring, and fans fire up as he brings out a LADDER!

The ladder is put in the ring and Daivari drags Burch back up. Daivari bumps Burch off the steel steps then puts him in the ring. Daivari sets the ladder on the top and stomps Burch down. Burch flounders and Daivari has him in a corner. Daivari whips corner to corner but Burch reverses, and SMASHES Daivari’s face into the ladder!! Daivari is down but Burch staggers back up. Burch eyes the ladder and takes it for his own. Burch sets it up and fans fire up with him! He puts the ladder in the corner like that, and calls for a flip?! Burch climbs up but Kendrick returns! Kendrick hobbles over, climbs up to smash Burch’s head on rungs, then hit an elevated Russian Leg Sweep! Another double edged move sends Kendrick and Burch both reeling out of the ring.

Daivari takes the ladder and moves it to the opposite end. Kendrick puts Burch back in and Daivari stomps Burch down. Daivari climbs up the ladder, higher and higher, and the fans react louder and louder. He’s at the very top, for a SUPER LION SPLASH! Cover, but Lorcan breaks it in time! All four men are down again but Kendrick stands on the apron. Burch falls out and Daivari is on the other end. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as Kendrick haymakers Lorcan. Kendrick dares Lorcan to get up and Lorcan does get up. Kendrick ROCKS Lorcan but Lorcan just powers up! Lorcan stands, Kendrick fires off more haymakers, but Lorcan roars! Lorcan glares at Kendrick, and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Lorcan runs, to EUROUPPER! Kendrick flies out of the ring as the Fury of 205 reaches a fever pitch!

Daivari stalks up behind Lorcan as fans rally, and gives him a chair shot! Burch returns but gets a chair shot, too! Daivari stomps Lorcan down and then sits the chair up. Kendrick and Daivari bring Burch up together. Burch blocks the double suplex, and fights back! Burch punches Daivari out and then punches Kendrick into taking a seat. Lorcan gives Kendrick a BLOCKBUSTER right out of the chair!! Kendrick rolls out while Lorcan fires up again. Fans rally with Burch and Lorcan as Lorcan runs to FLY! Direct hit topples Daivari and Kendrick! Lorcan and Burch bring out DUCT TAPE!? They bring Kendrick to a corner and tape the legs to the bottom crossbar! Kendrick’s left leg is trapped!

Burch ROCKS Kendrick with a right, then helps Lorcan clear off the announce desk! Daivari is set on the desk and the One Two climbs up to join him. Kendrick can only watch as they give Daivari LONDON TOWER to the desk!! Lorcan throws Daivari in and Kendrick grabs at him, but Burch stomps Kendrick down. Lorcan drags Daivari back up, he and Burch combnie for another LONDON TOWER!! Cover, Lorcan & Burch win!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, by pinfall

The Man with a Plan dared the Cruiserweights of the WWE to #DoSomething, but he didn’t account for the BritAm Brawlers being even more brutal than him! Will Lorcan and Burch carry this momentum all throughout the Cruiserweight and Tag Team Divisions?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, especially the No Disqualification match. Wilde VS Mendoza was a good rematch and opener, but I feel like NXT should’ve waited on teaming them together just to face Grizzled Young Veterans and lose. If 205 Live could’ve given Wilde and Mendoza a story like Lorcan VS Burch, where the matches just keep getting better and better, making them better and better, and then we get them teaming up out of respect. But either way, a good match and surely that tiebreaker will be that great match. Breeze getting dissed by Lio, that will surely result in a match somewhere. Breeze’s match tonight against Samir Singh was alright. Can this be how Fandango returns? That match Breezango had with the Singhs was great because it brought the serious out of the Fashion Force.

The No Disqualification match was great! If anything, this and SmackDown bringing back Symphony of Destruction proves that when in doubt, break stuff with people’s bodies. As I’ve said, 205 Live has been struggling, becoming one of the weaker WWE weekly shows after the WWE Draft gutted the roster. I haven’t followed WWE Main Event, if that isn’t obvious from it not being in my coverage line-up, but I can’t imagine it’s actually better. If anything, 205 Live is the Cruiserweight equivalent of Main Event. But Kendrick, Daivari, Lorcan and Burch gave us a great match, and it was a really well-done No DQ match. I don’t know where it goes next, but it does seem to be going in a good direction.

My Score: 8.2/10

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