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NewsVince McMahon Blames Oliver Luck For Misleading Judge In Latest XFL Lawsuit...

Vince McMahon Blames Oliver Luck For Misleading Judge In Latest XFL Lawsuit Filing



The latest in the lawsuit battle between Oliver Luck and Vince McMahon over the XFL has McMahon claiming that Luck tried to mislead the judge. According to Sportico, McMahon’s attorneys filed a 47-page document on Friday (March 26th) saying Luck mislead the judge on several key parts of his contract with the XFL.

Oliver Luck had filed the lawsuit with Vince McMahon stating that McMahon wrongfully terminated his contract. McMahon, along with Alpha Entertainment (parent company), allege that Luck violated his contract and was insubordinate. This gave McMahon every reason to terminate Luck’s contract and end all obligation to pay the rest of his contract.

McMahon’s lawyers say the XFL policy, “prohibited hiring any players with bad reputations due to questionable or problematic backgrounds without McMahon’s approval.” This filing argues that McMahon made the call, and that Antonio Callaway was determined to be “unhirable” by the policy due his previously alleged sexual assault charges while in college (which he was ultimately cleared of). This also included credit card fraud and history of drug problems. McMahon also told Luck that Johnny Manziel’s domestic violence charges had disqualified him for the XFL altogether.

This filing also states that Luck had “deceived” McMahon by not mentioning Callaway in conversation as a free agent and not informing McMahon of Callway’s controversial and troubled past. The claims also stated that Luck said Callaway, “was not disqualified under the XFL’s policy by relying on a July 17, 2019 email in which Luck claimed to other employees that McMahon was ‘on board’ with [criteria] for disqualifying players.”

The judge was asked to deny Luck’s legal team access to the 250 page “privileged documents”, which included emails and such, which Luck’s team believe will help their argument that McMahon and others were okay with signing Callaway.

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