Friday, April 19, 2024
News​Vince Russo Claims He Contacted POP TV & Destination America Behind TNA's...

​Vince Russo Claims He Contacted POP TV & Destination America Behind TNA’s Back, & More



During a recent edition of his podcast, former WWE, TNA and WCW creative team writer Vince Russo revealed that he contacted both POP TV’s Bradley Schwartz and Destination America behind TNA’s back to get a consultant job to fix what he thought was wrong with TNA iMPACT! Wrestling. Russo claimed that both networks didn’t know what a good wrestling show was, so he decided to help out and show them what good wrestling looked like. He said POP TV “sold a bill of goods” when they acquired TNA’s programming and he could “fix” it. Neither network hired him.

Disco Inferno, a guest on the show, pointed out that it was a jerk move for Russo to go behind TNA’s back. Russo claimed he did it because he had friends in TNA and he knew the show would be cancelled if he didn’t come in to fix things. Disco Inferno said that Russo also offered to be a consultant for Lucha Underground and he’s trying to get someone to pay him to watch and critique wrestling shows. He said Russo was a heel.

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