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Vince Russo Details When He Would Have Turned Roman Reigns Heel


Vince Russo was WWE’s Head Booker for three years and now, he has detailed when he would have turned Roman Reigns heel if he still held the position.

Speaking to the It’s My House Podcast, Russo had this to say on when he would have produced a Reigns’ heel turn:

“I said it when it happened, and I don’t even know what year we’re talking about, we’re talking about a couple of years back, but I remember when Roman Reigns – I think it was in Philly, and he won the Royal Rumble and the people booed him out of the building. I said that night, if I was writing the show, and they were booing Roman out of the building, if I was Roman, I would have stepped up to the second rope and I would have flipped off that entire capacity crowd for a couple of reasons. Number one, you know that’s what he wanted to do. And number two, that was the perfect, perfect, perfect situation. It always seems with these things that the WWE whether it be Vince McMahon or whoever, they’re always a couple of years behind.”

The night Russo is referring to is Royal Rumble 2015, where Roman Reigns received huge amounts of boos as he won the headline match. This was despite The Rock coming out to support his cousin.

Roman Reigns is currently in the midst of his first heel solo run on the main roster, which has been going on since his return to WWE at SummerSlam 2020.

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Roman Reigns was a heel when he debuted as a member of The Shield. However, Reigns has said he has no interest in a reunion.

You can listen to It’s My House Podcast’s full interview with Vince Russo below:


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