Vince Russo – ‘GUNTHER Match Doesn’t Help Chad Gable – “He Still Lost”‘


Chad Gable’s impressive outing against Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER on this week’s RAW has done the Olympian no favors as far as Vince Russo is concerned.

In the main event, Gable was unable to dethrone the Imperium leader in a hard-fought match that had the fans excited throughout.


Speaking to “Wrestle Binge,” the former WWE writer argued that this prominent feud with GUNTHER hasn’t been helping Gable given that he lost on RAW. He said,

“Both guys really worked their tails off. No question about that. People were into the match. We’ve been saying all along, we really didn’t think Gable would go over. They think if Gable gives Gunther a hell of a match, but doesn’t win, this is gonna get Gable over. I don’t think so, bro. At the end of the day, he still lost.”

Russo also spoke about Gable’s children, who were watching at ringside. He said,

“Here’s my question. He’s got his family there at ringside. Beautiful freaking kids, beautiful kids. But then bro, we get the shot at the end of his little girl crying crying because he lost. I’m pondering this and I wanted to throw this out there. If you’re in the wrestling business and you got kids, at what age do you smarten them up? And should you smarten them up? I’m looking at that poor, little girl and it’s breaking my heart. Obviously, she thinks her dad just lost.”

Speaking in a WWE Digital Exclusive after the match, Gable vowed that he will beat GUNTHER and become Intercontinental Champion.

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