Vince Russo Says Sunny Almost Sued WWE Because Of Him


Vince Russo, who served as the editor of WWE RAW Magazine and later became the company’s head writer in the late 1990s, recently shared an anecdote about Tammy Sytch, also known as Sunny, and her strong reaction to a picture of herself on the magazine’s cover.

During a time when social media wasn’t prevalent, WWE utilized its monthly magazine to provide fans with exclusive content. The January 1998 edition featured two different covers, one featuring Sable and the other featuring Sunny.


Speaking on “The Wrestling Outlaws” podcast, Russo explained that the idea of having separate covers was to encourage fans to purchase the magazine twice. He also revealed that he was the one responsible for selecting Sunny’s photo for the cover. Russo recounted the incident, saying,

“She [Sunny] comes in the office because she’s gotta approve the photos. I got no problem with that, but there was this one photo where she was on a rock and on her knees and she had her head tilted back and the water’s coming down on her. I had picked that for the cover because it was a beautiful shot.” 

According to Russo, Sunny reacted with anger upon seeing the chosen cover image and threatened to sue WWE. He recalled,

“I’ll never forget, man, she comes in and she sees that cover shot and starts screaming, ‘I’m gonna sue! I’m gonna sue!’ These were her exact words, and I popped, I laughed, ‘That’s not me! That’s not me!’ And I just said, ‘Sunny, who is it? No, that is you. That’s you in the picture!'”

Regarding Sunny’s demeanor and attitude in general, Russo added,

“Bro, it’s ego. It happens to all of them. Very few remain the same. It’s ego, bro. She got bit by the bug like a lot of other people before her and it went to her head. Honestly, bro, that was her demise.”

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