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NewsAEWJeff Jarrett Issues Aubrey Edwards A Scathing Threat Ahead Of AEW Rampage

Jeff Jarrett Issues Aubrey Edwards A Scathing Threat Ahead Of AEW Rampage



As we previously reported here on eWn, Mark Briscoe, Aubrey Edwards, and Papa Briscoe will face Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, and Jay Lethal in ‘mixed trios’ action on this week’s episode of AEW Rampage.

On the latest episode of his ‘My World‘ podcast, Jeff Jarrett hyped up the upcoming bout, cutting a scathing promo and proclaiming that this Friday, his wife Karen will make Aubrey Edwards quit the wrestling business altogether. He said,

“So, Conrad, with all due respect to the word ‘trios,’ if you don’t mind, I’m gonna refer to it as six-person mixed tag team spectacular. Karen Jarrett doesn’t know a wrestling hold. Not one. I can’t speak for Aubrey, but I can speak for Karen, and Conrad, you may or may not be able to speak for her, but I would say that Aubrey is in for an ass-whooping. It’s just kind of that simple. Folks, I could just go back to the 70s or 80s and hear, ‘Folks, if you’re expecting to see a wrestling match, if you’re expecting to see submission holds, if you’re expecting to see [this or that], don’t come.’ I’ll say that to kind of the AEW fanbase.”

“If you’re expecting to see — Uncle Dave, and I diplomatically say this with love, if you’re expecting to see a five-star or even a four-star, we’re not gonna see that. We’re gonna see a senior citizen in Papa Briscoe, in Aubrey Edwards, a glory-hound dramatic diva, ballet princess, twinkle toes herself, she is gonna get paint-brushed from one end of DC to the other. She’s gonna want to change professions. She’s not pretending to be a wrestler because she said she’s not a wrestler, but she’s probably gonna want to hang up her stripes and get out of the wrestling business altogether. My greatest fear of that, not if but when Aubrey Edwards quits, is that I think, in some folks’ eyes, I could become a fan favorite, and that is my worst nightmare. They don’t like me, and I don’t like them.”

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