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Wardlow – ‘I’ve Sat At Home For Four Months Pissed Off’



During a recent appearance on the “Sports Nightly” podcast, former AEW TNT Champion Wardlow commented on why he’s been leaving through the crowd since returning to AEW several weeks ago.

Additionally, the “War-Daddy” gave a warning to Adam Cole regarding his partnership with MJF.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why he’s leaving through the crowd: “The reason I went through the crowd is honestly because I don’t want to see anybody backstage. I’ve sat at home for four months pissed off, which is also why you saw me powerbomb somebody, I don’t even know if it lasted a minute, I was throwing those throwing those powerbombs a little stiffer than usual. Like I said, I have four months of anger, built up four months of not being able to do what I love. Four months of not being able to get out that physicality. You know I’m a bit of a psychotic man. I have a lot going on up here, and I release it physically — I can only do so much in the gym. That only gives me so much relief. What really does it is hurting people in a wrestling ring. That’s what I enjoy, so I’ve been very angry for four months, so this is how I’m going to go about things. I’m going to show up to the building as late as humanly possible because I have no interest in seeing or speaking to anyone. So, I’m going to show up, I’m gonna lace my boots up, I’m gonna walk out there, I am going to destroy whoever they put in that ring with me — I hope they pay them extra — and I’m going to leave out through the crowd. I’m gonna get in my black SUV. I’m gonna go back to the hotel, and I’m going to continue to do that until some wrongs have been corrected and turned right until I get the things I want to get.”

On what Adam Cole should do about MJF: “Pull the trigger before he [MJF] does.” On how he didn’t powerbomb MJF enough at AEW Double or Nothing 2022: “Yeah, ten wasn’t enough. I don’t know if there is a number that exists that will satisfy me for the amount of Powerbombs that MJF is due, and deserves. I understand in the past four months, he has somehow convinced everybody in the world to cheer for him, feel sad for him, and feel sorry for him. It just amazes me how somebody can do horrible evil things for years and then they come out and say sorry, and spew out some fake tears, and now all of a sudden everybody forgets about all the bad they’ve ever done and they want to embrace them. Well, I’m a little more intelligent. I see right through his BS, and I am not one of the people that have sat at home cheering on MJF for the past four months.”

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