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NewsWhat Happened After RAW + Tony Atlas YouShoot

What Happened After RAW + Tony Atlas YouShoot



— After RAW went off the air last night, Mark Henry and Kane faced off in the ring while John Cena was helped to the back. Kane chokeslammed Henry to “get revenge” for Henry putting him out of action and had his pyro go off to end the show.

— Kayfabe Commentaries sent out the following today…


Before his death, exiled former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos was embroiled in the international scandal of human rights violations, corruption, and the suggestion that his regime was responsible for the assassination of rival politician Aquino. Marcos’ wife Imelda became a punchline during this chaos, as it was revealed that she housed thousands of pairs of shoes in massive, room-sized closets in their mansion. No secret that women like shoes. But it seems there may have been more to that massive collection, as “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas reveals rather startlingly in the latest release in the YouShoot DVD series, which went on sale today at

In this remarkably candid episode of the always edgy and irreverent DVD show, Atlas claims he and the exiled, shamed leader forged a friendship over a common interest…the worship of women’s feet and shoes. Tony suggests in the show that the massive rooms filled with shoes were at the behest of Ferdinand Marcos, as a result of his fetish. Tony Atlas opens up (waaaay open) about the origins of his facewalking fetish and how his lifetime of asking women to partake in this activity led Marcos and Atlas to each other in the 80s. Marcos was exiled from the Philippines to Hawaii.

In the shoot DVD, Atlas reveals that a psychiatrist uncovered the root cause of the foot fetish — a young Tony Atlas didn’t walk until three years old. So in those formative years, he spent an inordinate amount of time around the feet of the women that his mother had around the house. And Atlas, like most fetishists, is very specific about what “works” for him, and what doesn’t. No heels (those were worn by church ladies in rural Virginia), just flat rubber-soled shoes for his face, please. Those were the shoes of the “working women” who visited his house.

Though Atlas does spend a great deal of time discussing, musing, and playing games about shoes (yes games, it’s YouShoot kids!), there’s also lots of wrestling, steroids, and a controversial chapter about race in the two hour and fifteen minute edition of the shoot-DVD series that has become a phenomenon. Atlas implies that African American wrestlers got an easier ride than white wrestlers and the biggest enemy to a black wrestler was not Bill Watts or Dick Murdoch (who Tony reveals as a card-carryoing member of the KKK), but rather every other black wrestler.

Tony Atlas is outspoken and a ton of fun on the YouShoot: Tony Atlas DVD which is available at

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