Who Pitched The Idea For A 24/7 Title In WWE


On this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW we saw the arrival of a new Championship within the company, the 24/7 Championship.

However, adding another Championship was not an idea from within the company. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the idea was actually pitched by the USA Network. This was done in a attempt to bring up viewership.

RAW and SmackDown Live both air on the USA Network and they have both seen a decline in ratings. The viewership has been down especially during the third hour of RAW. Therefore, the USA Network wanted to see ratings improve and sent a bunch of ideas to Vince McMahon about how fix things.

Dave Meltzer of WON had this to say:

”USA Network of late was sending in all kinds of ideas to WWE to bring up the third hour ratings. One person with knowledge of the story said the ideas were all terrible, but the 24/7 idea was the best one and McMahon knew he had to take one of them.”

The idea of having a 24/7 Championship was the best one given out of all the suggestions. This isn’t the first time WWE has had a championship defended under these rules though, remember the Hardcore Championship? But this variation is largely taken from the DDT promotion in Japan. Hopefully, we won’t see inanimate objects becoming champion, as seen in the Japanese promotion.

What do you think can be done to improve RAW’s 3rd hour? What would you like to see happen with the 24/7 Championship? Comment Below

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